2017 CPDD Symposia, Workshops and Forums

*denotes shared CPDD/ICRS symposium
1 Margaret Haney, Chair Aron Lichtman, Co-Chair
Opioid and Cannabinoid Interactions: Preclinical and Clinical Measures of Pain, Abuse Liability and Dependence*
Speakers: Aron Lichtman, Charles France, Margaret Haney, Sharon Walsh
Discussant: Kelly Dunn
2 John Mantsch, Chair Cecilia Hillard, Co-Chair
Endocannabinoid Involvement in Stress, Reward and Motivation: Implications for Understanding and Treating Substance Use Disorder*
Speakers: Cecilia Hillard, Joseph Cheer, John Mantsch, Zheng-Xiong Xi
Discussant: Sachin Patel
3 Ziva Cooper, Chair Cecilia Hillard, Co-Chair
Evaluating the Therapeutic Potential of Medical Cannabis and Phytocannabinoids from Preclinical Animal Models to the Pharmacoepidemiology of Medical Cannabis Use*
Speakers: Sara Jane Ward, Ziva Cooper, Staci Gruber, Mark Ware
Igor Grant
4 Jenny Wiley, Chair Brian Thomas, Co-Chair
Synthetic Cannabinoids: Thinking Outside of the Pot*
Speakers: Jane Maxwell, Brian Thomas, William Fantegrossi, Jenny Wiley
Jordan Trecki
5 Patrick Finan, Chair Brant Hasler, Co-Chair
What is the Role of Sleep in Substance Use? Evidence from Studies of Cannabis, Alcohol, and Opioid Use
Speakers: Patrick Finan, Brant Hasler, Ryan Vandrey, Deirdre Conroy
Peter Morgan
6 Michael Taffe, Chair Julie Marusich, Co-Chair
Cloudy, with a Chance of Intoxication: E-Vape Models of Drug Exposure in Laboratory Animal Models
Speakers: Tim Lefever, Ryan McLaughlin, Leandro Vendruscolo, Jacques Nguyen,
Michael Taffe
7 Martin Cheatle, Chair Peggy Compton, Co-Chair
Pain and Addiction: Opioids and Beyond
Speakers: Joseph Ditre, Jessica Merlin, Martin Cheatle, Mark Ilgen
Discussant: Peggy Compton
8 Rajita Sinha, Chair Carlos Blanco, Co-Chair
Brain Recovery in Addiction: From Biomarkers to Functional Outcomes
Speakers: Martin Paulus, Rita Goldstein, Hugh Garavan, Rajita Sinha
Discussant: Nora Volkow
9 Lisa Brents, Chair Jessica Coker, Co-Chair
Translational Approaches to Uncovering the Mechanisms Underlying Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Speakers: Jessica Coker, David Nielsen, Carmen Sato-Bigbee, Elizabeth Byrnes
Discussant: Lisa Brents
10 Steve Negus, Chair Richard Lamb, Co-Chair
Applications of Choice Procedures to Drug Abuse Research
Speakers: Richard Lamb, Michael Nader, Adam Perry, Joshua Lile
Discussant: Steve Negus
11 Anne-Noël Samaha, Chair Terry Robinson, Co-Chair
How Fast and How Often: The Temporal Pattern of Drug Abuse is Decisive in Addiction
Speakers: Aldo Badiani, Terry Robinson, Anne-Noël Samaha, Erin Calipari
Discussant: Terry Robinson
12 Jenny Naylor, Chair Lynn Hull, Co-Chair
Informing Tobacco Product Regulatory Policies through Addiction-Related Research
Speakers: Amy Goodwin, Robin Keeley, Elise DeVito, Mikhail Koffarnus
Discussant: Kia Jackson
13 Cora Lee Wetherington, Chair Sherry McKee, Co-Chair
Sex as a Biological Variable (SABV):  Research Findings from NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH) and NIDA Center Grants -- Ahead of Its Time or Long Overdue?
Speakers: Sherry McKee, Kathleen Brady, Marilyn Carroll, Jill Becker
Discussant: Richard Foltin
14 Yukiko Washio, Chair Philip May, Co-Chair
Legal but Not So Safe: Prevalence, Effects, Strategies for Prenatal Alcohol, Marijuana, and Tobacco Use
Speakers: Cheryl Oncken, Hanan El Marroun, Philip May, Christina Chambers
Discussant: Adrian Dunlop
1 Elise Weerts, Chair David Drobes, Co-Chair
Understanding Alcohol and Nicotine Co-Use:  Rat, Nonhuman Primate, and Human Laboratory Findings Speakers: Anh Dzung Le, Elise Weerts, David Drobes
2 Sarah Yip, Chair Lora Cope, Co-Chair
Dark Minds: Neural and Biobehavioral Substrates of Negative Affect Regulation in Addiction Speakers: Sarah Yip, Jillian Hardee, Helen Fox
1 Steve Gust, Chair  
  NIDA International Research Poster Session  
2 Jack Henningfield, Chair Michael Klein, Co-Chair
  Assessment of Abuse Potential in Clinical Trials Speakers: Silvia Calderon, Jack Henningfield, Shannon Smith, Nathanial Katz, Katherine Bonson  
3 James Anthony, Chair Howard Chilcoat, Co-Chair
  Epidemiology & Public Health Research Methods Speakers: Linda Collins, Olga Vsevolozhskaya, Hui Cheng  
4 James Sorensen, Chair Eric Strain, Co-Chair
  Writing Workshop for Emerging Investigators:  Profiting from Peer Review Speakers: Danielle Ramo, Eric Strain, Agniezka Freda, Carmen Masson Discussant: Debra Furr-Holden  
5 Diann Gaalema, Chair August Holtyn, Co-Chair
  22nd Annual Contingency Management Working Group Speakers are selected during the spring prior to the annual meeting.  
6 Kathy Berlew, Chair LaTrice Montgomery, Co-Chair
  Advances in Substance Use Disorder Treatments for Racial/Ethnic Minorities: Where Do We Go from Here? Speakers: Katherine Sanchez, Jeffrey Korte, LaTrice Montgomery, Traci Rieckmann  
7 Jonathan Stoltman, Chair H. Westley Clark, Co-Chair
  Big Data: Ethical Considerations in Human Subjects Research Speakers: Gavin Bart, David Gustafson, Stacy Sterling, William Kowalczyk  
8 Denise Vidot, Chair Qiana Brown, Co-Chair
  Navigating Key Stages of a Career in Addiction Science Speakers: Qiana Brown, Teri Franklin, Cristina Bares
9 Sterling McPherson, Chair Susan Mikulich-Gilbertson, Co-Chair
  Annual CPDD Design and Analysis Workshop Speakers: Jonathan Davis, Sean Murphy, Susan Mikulich-Gilbertson, Thomas Henthorn, Daniel Feaster  
10 Joy Schmitz, Chair Charles Green, Co-Chair
  Development of Adaptive Treatment Strategies in the Management of Drug Dependence:  Lessons Learned from Clinical Trials Currently in the Field Speakers: Angela Stotts, Catherine Stanger, Joy Schmitz, Charles Green Discussant: Inbal Nahum-Shani  
11 David McCann, Chair Tanya Ramey, Co-Chair
  NIDA Medications Development Workshop: Addressing Bad Behavior in Clinical Trials Speakers: Eric Devine, Mitchell Efros, Adam Hanina  
12 Michael Kuhar, Chair Susan Weiss, Co-Chair
  New NIH Guidelines for Reproducibility, Rigor and Transparency: Ethical and Practical Conundrums Speakers: Michael Kuhar, Susan Weiss
13 Beth Sproule, Chair Suzanne Nielsen, Co-Chair
  Prescription Monitoring Programs – Issues and Impact Speakers: Suzanne Nielsen, Chris Delcher, Beth Sproule Discussant: Richard Dart  
14 Wendee Wechsberg, Chair Don Des Jarlais, Co-Chair
  Using Behavioral and Implementation Sciences to Achieve an AIDS-Free Generation among People Who Use Drugs Speakers: Don Des Jarlais, Wendee Wechsberg, Christina Meade, Adam Carrico Discussant: Martin Iguchi
1 Margaret Chisolm, Chair Bertha Madras, Co-Chair
  Media Forum 2017: What's Hot Speakers are selected during the spring prior to the annual meeting.
2 Martin Iguchi, Chair William Dewey, Co-Chair
  Policy Forum Speakers: Edward Long, David Rosenbloom, Traci Green, Leo Beletsky
3 Marilyn Carroll, Chair Howard Chilcoat, Co-Chair
  Animals in Research Forum: Advancing our Knowledge of Addiction and Related Psychiatric Disorders with Nonhuman Primate Research Speakers: Leonard Howell, James Rowlett, Eric Vallender, Mar Sanchez
4 Marco Pravetoni, Chair Beatriz Rocha, Co-Chair
  The Industry/Government/Academia Relations Committee Presents: “Hopes vs. Reality: Challenges in Development of a product for the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders.” Speakers: Beatriz Rocha, David McCann, J. David Haddox, Marco Pravetoni Discussant: Andrew Coop