CPDD/ICRS co-sponsored Symposia

CPDD/ICRS co-sponsored Symposia 2017-03-27T14:10:22+00:00

The 27th Annual International Cannabinoid Research Society Symposium on the Cannabinoids

Arrival date: June 22
   Meeting: June 22 – 27, 2017
Departure date: June 27
   Montréal, QC

1 Margaret Haney, Chair Aron Lichtman, Co-Chair
Opioid and Cannabinoid Interactions: Preclinical and Clinical Measures of Pain, Abuse Liability and Dependence*
Speakers: Aron Lichtman, Charles France, Margaret Haney, Sharon Walsh
Discussant: Kelly Dunn
2 John Mantsch, Chair Cecilia Hillard, Co-Chair
Endocannabinoid Involvement in Stress, Reward and Motivation: Implications for Understanding and Treating Substance Use Disorder*
Speakers: Cecilia Hillard, Joseph Cheer, John Mantsch, Zheng-Xiong Xi
Discussant: Sachin Patel
3 Ziva Cooper, Chair Igor Grant, Co-Chair
Evaluating the Therapeutic Potential of Medical Cannabis and Phytocannabinoids from Preclinical Animal Models to the Pharmacoepidemiology of Medical Cannabis Use*
Speakers: Sara Jane Ward, Ziva Cooper, Staci Gruber, Mark Ware
Igor Grant
4 Jenny Wiley, Chair Brian Thomas, Co-Chair
Synthetic Cannabinoids: Thinking Outside of the Pot*
Speakers: Jane Maxwell, Brian Thomas, William Fantegrossi, Jenny Wiley
Jordan Trecki