Postdoctoral Fellowship at Yale

The Department of Psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine is currently accepting applications to its NIDA-funded T32 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program in Addictions.  This two-year training program in the Division of Addictions aims to provide trainees:
(1) sufficient knowledge and understanding of clinical research methods, biostatistics, the responsible conduct of scientific research, and the key issues in addiction clinical research to pursue independent research careers
(2) experience in all aspects of conducting clinical research in the field of addictions, from initial project conceptualization and design, through implementation, data analysis, manuscript preparation and oral presentation of results
(3) a mentored and closely supervised opportunity for trainees to develop, implement and complete all phases of an independent clinical research project. 

In existence since 1988, the program has a strong track record of graduating highly accomplished research scientists and faculty members, and individuals who have leadership positions throughout the country. 

Applicants are encouraged to identify a potential mentor from our multidisciplinary and diverse group of productive, nationally-recognized faculty scientists from the Division of Addictions and other departments at the Yale School of Medicine who collaborate on a range of pre-clinical, clinical, and epidemiological research projects on drug addiction.  The interests of affiliated faculty range from genetics to clinical psychopharmacology, behavioral and digital therapeutics, neuroimaging and cognitive neuroscience, psychiatric epidemiology and health services research to name a few.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  Anticipated start date is July 2024, but flexible.

For further information on the program and how to apply, please see here or contact Diana DeNegre (