Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Longitudinal Neuroimaging of Recovery from Opioid Use at UAMS

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Brain Imaging Research Center (BIRC) in Little Rock AR is offering a postdoctoral research fellowship focused on mapping longitudinal functional and structural brain changes during recovery from opioid use disorder. The fellowship is supported by the UAMS T32 “Translational Training in Addiction” grant (T32DA022981) and will work directly with Andrew James, PhD on a NIDA-funded project using neuroimaging to evaluate an adjunctive smartphone app OptiMAT to improve medication assisted treatment (MAT) outcomes in opioid use disorder (R01DA048022).

The postdoctoral fellowship emphasizes training in Open Science Framework (OSF) to promote rigor and reproducibility in the neuroimaging sciences. The fellow will gain expertise in OSF best practices across all stages of a research project including data collection, computer programming (i.e. Python, R), design and analysis of functional neuroimaging paradigms, advanced statistical analyses, and data sharing. As a T32-supported trainee, the fellow will receive training with other T32-supported predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows in career development, ethics, scientific writing including grants, and didactic training in addiction research spanning the T0-T4 translational cycle.

For additional information or to apply, please contact Jan Hollenberg at or visit the following links:   UAMS T32 ( or UAMS Brain Imaging Research Center (