CPDD Annual Meeting Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are poster abstracts published?
A: No. Abstracts are viewable in the online schedule only. The online schedule is available prior to the annual meeting kickoff and is taken offline 30 days post-meeting. An electronic abstract book is created and posted to the CPDD website for archival purposes.

Q: Does CPDD accept encore presentations?
A: Original data presentations are preferred; however, encore presentations may be submitted.

Q: What is CPDD's Media Embargo Policy?
A: Any press release(s) issued by a presenter, the presenter’s employer, or any other outside person or entity to promote a presentation scheduled for the CPDD Annual Scientific Meeting is permitted. The research contents of all CPDD presentations must be embargoed until the time and date of the presentation and should be clear that it is not sanctioned by CPDD.

Q: What is CPDD's Disclaimer Statement?
A: Information obtained via CPDD channels, including webinars, conferences, websites, etc., is intended for only information and research purposes. CPDD cannot be held liable for the information consumed and may not reflect the opinions of CPDD or its members. The content and information shared should be used at the discretion of the consumer.

Q: Are abstract submissions copywritten? 
A: All materials submitted for presentation at the Annual Meeting will be published in appropriate CPDD materials. Submissions should be original and not previously published. Following publication, authors may reuse their work with the sole requirements of full citation and link to the original publication online.

Q: Are drug trader names permitted in abstract submissions?
A: Brand and trade names are acceptable to include in abstracts.

Q: Are published or unpublished oral/poster abstract submissions appropriate?
A: Recently completed studies, unpublished at the time of the Annual Meeting, are preferred and any in presswork must have a publication date after July 1, 2021.

Q: How do I update authors or add a co-author on my abstract?
A: The submission may be edited until the submission period closes.

Q: How do I find a receipt to use for reimbursement of my abstract?
A: Payments for abstracts are immediately emailed after the payment is made, please check your SPAM or JUNK folder first if the email is not received. If your payment email was not received, please email the CPDD Executive Office at info@cpdd.org.

Other Questions

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