Hosting Small Meetings

The 2020 CPDD virtual meeting days are Monday, June 22, 2020 – Wednesday, June 24, 2020. All requests will be reviewed by the CPDD Program Committee. Notifications will be sent via email for approval.

Small events may include: advisory boards, meetings of investigator groups, organization board meetings that have restricted and defined attendance and company sponsored receptions that are open to all CPDD attendees. Events for open attendance may be listed in the CPDD program. Any meeting must occur outside of CPDD scheduled events.

All requests will be required to fill out a form for approval. Please click here to submit.

Any planning should recognize the following guidelines as well:

  • Any advertisements, e.g., flyers and signs, may NOT include the name CPDD, its sponsors, or imply any co-sponsorship.
  • Attendee mailing lists are not available for distribution.
  • Special consideration should be taken to refrain from making lavish arrangements, gift giving, advertising and commercial presentation.
  • Any changes in schedule must first be approved by CPDD.
  • All group meetings must occur outside of CPDD-scheduled sessions and events.

Please contact the CPDD Executive Office at if you have any additional questions on small meetings.